In a piece of cloth, place the amount of whitening toothpaste, as you use everyday. You can take also a shower gel or other personal care products used by you.

Use a rubber band to tie the cloth, so that the substance is inside and it cannot get out. Put a cloth under the tap and rinse all dissoluble in water ingredients of cosmetics or pastes. Then carefully disassemble and spread the cloth so that MP does not fall out. Count the number of microplasts remaining in it. Calculate the number of microparrticles to multiply by 7 to get the amount of microplastics introduced into the sewer by you during the week, and by 30 to get the monthly amount.

Calculations place in the table.

Number of microplastics in daily portion of cosmetic or toothpaste.

Number of MP thrown into the wastewater through 7 days

Number of MP thrown into the wastewater by in a month

Number of MP thrown into the wastewater monthly by your family










Check if the manufacturer has placed information about the plastic content  on the packaging of the cosmetic.

Look in the shop for a similar cosmetics without synthetic additives.  Compare prices of cosmetics without and with synthetic microbeads.

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